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If you are already a pygmy goat owner and would like to breed or increase your herd, need some advice or just want to chat please feel free to contact us.

It maybe your circumstances have changed and you need help to re-home your goats, again please contact us. We try to assist where ever possible.

Perhaps you are worried about e-coli and would like to know more about it please contact us.

Are you interested in becoming a Pygmy goat owner or would just like to know more about them?

Rather than writing lots of advice and facts we would like to give you the chance of having a morning or afternoon with our goats. Bring your family including your children or just yourselves come and meet and interact with our friendly herd, this will give you a better idea of what their needs and dislikes are.

We also offer and  do a hands on practical morning or afternoon experience where you come and meet, touch and learn all about pygmygoats to help you decide if they are the pets for you, we will  show and teach you everything from their basic needs i.e. feed,their health management,shelter & fencing needs,how to register with Defra and the records you will need to keep.

You will also get the opportunity to have hands on practical advice including learning how to trim feet,worm them,the best ways to handle them and observe their natural behaviour. But best of all, you can come and interact with them, meet them, feed them,cuddle them,even hold them if they are kids and to play with them.

We must warn you they are very addictive, once you realise what wonderful little characters they are and how beautiful and friendly and how much fun and enjoyment you will get from them by interacting with these wonderful little animals, you too will be hooked on them just like us.

We will never leave you high and dry and we want us to be your first point of contact, we are always here and available for our pygmygoat owners 24/7 and we are more than happy to give advise at anytime, night or day.

We are also able to offer if required or needed the ability to board and to look after your goats while you are on holiday or if anything unforseen happens.

Check out the photo gallery for happy,content and proud owners, and you too could end up in our  gallery.

For more information on any of the above or on how to book a morning or afternoon, please contact us by,

phoning on 01986 788194 or on 07770 401681 or email, or

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